Wine Mulling Spices

Use with Wine, Cider, Tea or Juices



Simmering pouch included - no skimming needed.


"Jim, would you please send 2 cases of your lovely mulling spices to us at your first opportunity?  We sold an entire case of it over the weekend.

Vicki" - Railway Winery
"We have honestly not found a single type, color or flavor that isn’t just amazing mulled! The Blackberry was very good, I’ve even converted a few ice fishermen who swore they weren’t really wine drinkers. Imagine warm mulled Blackberry wine in a thermos in the ice shack. Mmmmm.... "
Kelli -  Woodland Trail Winery                            
Fill your home, store or winery with the delicious
fragrance of aromatic spices and citrus.  

DIRECTIONS:  Remove simmering pouch from package. Fill pouch with spices. Pull drawstring closed to contain spices.  WINE:  Add two bottles or more of any red or white wine to any pan or crock pot. (Optional: Add one half cup of sugar.)  CIDER, TEA OR JUICE:  Add one half gallon or full gallon to pan or crock pot.

Add pouch of spices to pan or crock pot. Simmer slowly for one to two hours. DO NOT BOIL. Remove pouch from pan or crock pot and enjoy!




SAMPLING:   So easy to offer samples. Just set out a crock pot with a small ladle and small cups and let your customers help themselves throughout the day. Put up a sign saying, "FREE SAMPLES OF OUR MULLING SPICED DRINK". Your customers will love this product. SAMPLING SELLS!


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