Jim Miller, president of Jim Miller Gourmet, shows off some packages of the Vino Slush product he sells. All of Vino Slush's products are mixed and packaged in a Batavia facility. Jim Miller created the Vino Slush for his company, Cherry Orchard Foods (now called Jim Miller Gourmet). The Vino Slush can be added to wine or fruit juice to turn it into a frozen drink.

“I’m just a born entrepreneur. I can’t just watch TV,” said the Union Township resident.

He and his wife, Dottie, had a booth at Trader’s World Flea Market selling another person’s pre-made dip mixes. Miller said he decided to take the plunge and make his own. After months of trial and error, he finally developed 15 successful recipes for dip and dessert mixes.

And Cherry Orchard Foods was born.

“As a whole, these 15 flavors have proven themselves as winners. And the Vino Slush has become the star of the show,” said Miller.

The Vino Slush is a mix that turns any flavor of wine or fruit juice into a frozen, slushy drink. Miller developed it after sampling a similar product while on vacation.

“It just exploded from the first day the website went up. That’s what made me decide this is the wave of the future,” he said.

He has distributors as far away as Canada and as close as the Clermont Springs Deli & State Liquor Agency in Anderson Township.

“It’s very good. It’s something that makes wine sweet and slushy, but the people who like it love it. I have people come in and buy six bags,” said Mary Jo Strassel, Clermont Springs manager.

Miller said he’s currently working on a sugar-free version of the Vino Slush and hopes to one day develop mixes for cocktails like margaritas and daiquiris.

“The Vino Slush doubled our business. We’re acquiring new wholesale accounts all the time. I’m counting my blessings,” said Miller.

For more about the Vino Slush, go to www.vinoslush.com.

 Or call 513-752-2646.

Lisa J. Mauch
/The Community Press



 Valerie Hill


Vino Slush  (twist on your typical wine)

 Vino Slush

Photo by Jim Miller - VinoSlush.com

I was at the Anderson Farmers Market on Saturday and came across a booth giving
out samples of a product called Vino Slush.  Now, don't get me wrong I am certainly
NOT a wine snob, but my first reaction was SERIOUSLY!  But to my surprise the "wine
slushy" was quite refreshing and delightfully different. 

The booth was very busy and the owner sold completely out of his stock.  After talking
to the owner Jim Miller via e-mail, he recommended using a very inexpensive wine. He
said that he had used wine from Kroger or Walmart that was $2.99 a bottle and it tasted
great!  Now that's what I call BUDGET wine! 

For those of you with kids, you can mix up a non-alcoholic version as well. You can
substitute the wine with ginger ale, cranberry juice, or sparkling grape juice. Vino Slush
comes out as the same consistency as a frozen margarita.  It just a little something
different for the summer, and would be the topic of discussion at your next party!  Jim sells the mix for $10.00 a bag and you can get several uses out of the bag. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend, whether with family, at the
Taste of Cincinnati, or picking up great bargains!    

Valerie Hill




Decush ks that Your Customers Will Love

According to an article recently published on the Wine Enthusiast website entitled Frozen Drinks
Go Top Shelf, there is a popular trend for bars and restaurants to offer top shelf alcohol in drinks
created in their slush machines. The article states, “The convenience-store Icee machine is now
behind dozens of America’s best bars, helping mixologists create a new breed of cocktail—the
sophisticated frozen drink.”

The article also says, “Now, bars across the country are following suit, buying into the very simple
idea of using quality ingredients to create complex, boozed-up Slurpees.”

Popularity of the Wine Slush

Companies such as Vino Slush  are popping up left and right. While Vino Slush is a product
that does not require a slush machine, the product is an example of how much people love the
concept of a wine slushie drink. According to the company, which describes its product as a
Refreshing New Way to Drink Wine, “The first two events at which we sold our Vino Slush wine
slush mix, we sold out completely. We tracked our sampling results and it turned out that 70% of
the people who tried our samples (using non-alcoholic wine for the samples due to liquor laws) 
bought the product. 70%! That’s unheard of.”

While it is certainly possible to create a wine slush without the assistance of a slush machine – as
evidenced by the product produced by Vino Slush – it makes sense for a restaurant or bar wishing
to create a wine slush for customers to have one or more behind-the-counter slush machines.

According to the website BusinessOpportunities.biz, wine slushies are a monster money maker.
“This wine slush craze is sweeping the country. It’s the new way to drink wine. So refreshing, so
chic and sophisticated, yet so much fun and tastes so darn good. Your customers will be raving
about this product. And repeat business is tremendous. You will find that even many people who
don’t like wine will love it when it’s made into a wine slushie.”

The article suggests that wine slushies can be sold at festivals of all types (which allow alcohol),
trade shows, cultural events and more.

If you are contemplating adding a slush machine to your restaurant or bar, consider a slush
machine that can hold a significant number of servings and has the capacity to produce a
substantial amount of product so that you never run out.





Friday Faves: Vino Slush

Hot summer days call for a cool treat. Vino Slush wine slushy mix is an amazingly simple and fresh way to enjoy your favorite wine.

vino slush wine slushy


Vino Slush is unique in that it doesn’t cover the flavor of your wine; it just enhances it. Pick your favorite wine, blend it up, and you have a unique wine slushy drink all your own.

I’ve made these slushies using both the freezer method and the blender method, and they’re both great. I personally like the freezer method because it’s less messy, but the blender is great for when you want a slushy in a hurry.


We’ve been carrying Vino Slush in-store for several summers, and it’s consistently a hot item with rave reviews. If you’re not lucky enough to live near us, order it by sending an email to our ordering department.