VINO SLUSH wine slush mix is manufactured and sold by Jim Miller Gourmet, a Vietnam veteran owned company located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Hi, I'm Jim Miller. My wife, Dottie, and I own Jim MIller Gourmet.

In 2010 while on vacation, at a farmer's market I stumbled across a wine slush mix that you mix with any kind of wine and water.

Then you just freeze it (or use a blender or frozen drink machine) and you have a wonderful wine slushie. When I tasted it, I went nuts! I absolutely loved it! 

At the time, I owned a chip dip mix business. I thought this would be a great product for me to sell in addition to my dip mix products.

I wanted to start selling this mix at the special events that I did. 

So, I spent three months trying to come up with a recipe that worked. It was a nightmare.

Trial and error, trial and error hundreds of times. Lots of time and money invested, but I still couldn't get it just right. 

I gave up twice, but after taking a break from the testing for a couple of weeks each time, I continued on and thankfully I finally I got it right.

It is delicious and sells like crazy! We have to make hundreds of cases at a time to keep up with demand.

We have customers that have ordered from us since 2010. Sometimes it's for a case or two or 10 or 20 cases at a time and sometimes it's a pallet of 48 cases. It's a monster seller! Just sample it and it sells itself.

Now, all these years later we have sold to over 450 wineries all across the country, plus gift shops, boutiques, stores and organizations.

Plus, we have a network of dealers nationwide that sell Vino Slush at special events such as Festivals, Craft Shows, Home Shows, Farmer's Markets, etc.

(An investment of only $118.50 plus shipping gets you started.)

We have also through the years added our Bourbon Slush Mix, Wine Mulling Spices and Bread Dipping Mixes.

It's been a great journey and the business continues to grow every year. Try my Vino Slush. It's like your tongue is throwing a party for your mouth!

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