We sold 950 twelve oz servings of slushies this weekend!!!!!!!
Can you please send 4 bulk boxes of slushy mix?


"Hi Jim!

WOW! We introduced our slushees today and our customers went nuts! Sold almost 200 slushees today from 11AM to 5PM. We think this is going to be a great addition to our winery menu!
Could I put in an order for 16 bulk cases? Would that get to us by the end of this week? We plan on doing this again next Sunday. Let me know if you have questions or need anything further from us.
"Hi Jim,
Please forgive the delay in response. Our internet service has been down and just came back up last night.

We ordered and received 10 packages of the Vino Slush last week. Thank you so much for following up with me and thanks for the great product!

We've tried SEVERAL different versions of Wine Slush and have been disappointed with all of them except your "Vino Slush" product. I've sampled it for several of my friends and family and they were all included in my order of 10 packages. If you could send me some information regarding wholesale orders, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks again for the great product backed up by excellent customer service. You'll have a customer for life with me. Have a Blessed Day!!"

"Hi Jim,
What can I say? Your product is awesome! I mixed and froze my alcoholic slushy and I was in heaven! Thank you for the fast delivery last time, I'm giving the gift bag to my sister she had bought something similar to your product at an arts and craft festival.  So yes I am a returning customer and plan on being a long lasting one at that.  My birthday is next week, Friday and I want to make sure I have enough slush for everyone! 
Thanks again."




I  bought the wine slush for the first time and tried it and it was delicious!  I picked some up for my wine enthusiastic brother and father for Father’s Day and they just loved the idea especially for drinking out at the lake in the sun!"




Never told you but the ‘camping’ trip with the girls went great. They LOVED the Vino Slush’s we made. We went through 1 package between the 4 of us. One is already ordering her own supply and here I am replenishing mine.

By any chance do you plan on being at the Sauerkraut Festival in Waynesville, OH this year? If so, I will look you up. I’m thinking great Christmas Gifts….

 Thanks again."




I saw you at your booth. You were doing a "land office business" with the wine slushies! Everybody who tasted it bought it...and that was just about everyone."




"The Wine Slushies were a Hit. Everyone LOVED them. They are so yummy."




"WE LOVE LOVE LOVE them.....we need 6 more bags of the mix please! Great for the Summer."



 "I tried and purchased one package of the Vino Wine slush over the weekend and loved it.  I am having a party this weekend and want to make more but I am 500 miles from the place I purchased it (I was visiting).  

Do you have a list of vendors who sell Vino Wine slush?  Really I just need the closest to zip code 20147.
Thanks so much!"

"Hello Jim
Yes, I did receive the Vino Slush and absolutely love it!  It was also a big hit at our family party.  Thank you for getting it out so quickly!"
"Hi Jim,
From South Carolina! Brought the gift bag of Vino Slush to enjoy with my parents and brother. What a hit! Mom has asked for more, so I'll be ordering some soon for the holidays. We used a merlot - how delicious! Mom says, "Look out bridge club ladies!""


 "I love Vino Slush. My husband loves it too . We live in Florida. What a way to top off a very hot day."
Sharon F.

"It is delicious. Buy some today. Great for parties or just hanging out. I have some in the freezer now.....almost gone."




"Please send me an invoice for 10 bags of the Vino Slush mix. My girlfriends and I stay stocked up on this because it is our “go-to” beverage for all our get together’s! What a terrific drink during these hot summer days!

Thank you!"




"Hi Jim,

I met you at the Valley Vineyard Wine Festival on Saturday and bought 3 bags of your Wine Slushy…just loved it. Haven’t drank it yet – I guess I’m afraid of using it all at once.

Actually I am saving it for the girls camping trip I am having in August. I really would like to order more though because I just know I will have to break into this stash way before the camping trip….as I keep eyeing it sitting on the counter top.

I will get another order out to you as soon as possible. Thank you again for introducing me to the world of Vino Slushy’s. Another satisfied customer!"




 "Thank you Jim.  A friend of mine made this when several of us women from work went camping.  LOVED it!  I look forward to trying your other products in the future."



"Hi Jim,

Do you know of any retailers in the Macomb County Michigan area that carries Vino Slush mix? I tried it at a friend's house and LOVE it! If you can send me names of retailers that carry it here, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, I would like to order 3 packages of the Vino Slush mix. Let me know. Thanks!"



"Wow, I got this order in three days! Thank you, your product is sooooo good."





Let me just express again, how much I love your product. All of my friends do. I get everyone hooked on your Vino Slush. I use it at get together’s and as gifts and then once they try it, they start ordering it as well. I may be your best sales rep. ha ha

Hope all is well for you."




"Thank you Jim, I absolutely love this and just made another batch, and have given it to friends and family to help with their Christmas cheer.

I just emailed you about info to do this as a business, it got lost last time, so if you don't get it, maybe you'll get this. This is exactly what I've been looking for, and the first product that I like well enough to sell, I just need some guidance on how to do this, so any info you can provide on getting started, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!"





"Just had this for the first time for New Years and I LOVED it. I will be getting some more asap. I was never fond of wine. Actually I don't enjoy most alcoholic beverages, but maybe a couple of mixed drinks. I am so happy I found this, now I can have wine with my hubby and actually enjoy it!

Thank you!!"



" My order arrived this morning, barely got the box open, had it mixed in no time.hah... ready for girls night tonight.

Thanks for the great service."





Just got my order and made up the first batch. It's 20 degrees outside and I can see myself sitting on the back deck with a glass on a warm summer evening.

Will you please forward me the information on the wholesale of this wonderful product, including the bulk mix. It will make a wonderful addition to our tasting room.

I think the addition of a sugar free version is something that will sell very well, especially to fat old men like me.

Thank you,"




 "Jim ,

WOW!  Had my 1st show yesterday, it was so much fun. We sold a lot of product and it was a huge hit with the public. They asked if we
would be back next month . Thanks again for sharing all your tips on having a successful show. Can't wait for my next show."
Reba   (new Vino Slush dealer)  




"I will take the extra $500-$800 a week. So happy I found you. You have changed my life, Jim Miller."




 "Thank you so much Jim. I sent that on Friday--it got to you quick! I love this mix - it'll be nice to have some for gifts and summer gatherings."




 "I love this Vino Slush, it is the greatest blend of slushie and wine, kudos to the makers of this awesomeness, I'm telling all my friends about all ur products, my kids love the nonalcoholic Vino Slush, its fantastic and makes a great popsicle too."




"My daughters discovered your booth at the Minges Pumkin Festival and had to bring me back on the second day. I purchased the Vino Slush and since then have checked your website. I'm in the process of making a list to do my Christmas shopping from you! Wonderful products!!"




" I call your mix the "wine fix". It has turned the most horrible tasting bottle of wine into a beverage people fight for! "





We need to order more Vino Slush.  It has been selling very well!  Lets rendezvous on the phone early next week so I can re-order.




............. Tasting Room



"Hi Jim,

Thank you.

You have been a big help. Between your website, emails, and phone call, you are the most helpful wholesaler I’ve every dealt with so far. It seems you thought of everything and don’t mind passing along what you know.

Thanks again, Jim.


“It’s very good. It’s something that makes wine sweet and slushy, but the people who like it love it. I have people come in and buy six bags."

Mary Jo 


I would like to place another order for two wholesale boxes of slushy mix as we have in the past. We have started selling the mix with our own labels so that has really increased our usage."



This was the first day of the large weekend show that we are doing.... sales of the dips were very good as usual... but the Vino  Slush just flew of the shelves!  I was selling at $9.00 a bag or 3 for $25.00 ... many people bought 3 and 1 lady bought 6... she is leaving for Mexico tomorrow to meet up with friends and she could just  picture all of them on the condo balcony in Mexico drinking Vino Slush.  Another one made me laugh... her brother in law made some horrible home made wine and they could not drink it.... she bought 3 in the hopes that it would make the wine drinkable.  Vino Slush was a hit... I think we sold close to 70 bags."

Vino Slush distributor 




The Vino Slush sales have sky rocketed.  I would say over 70 % of our profits comes from the sale of the Wine Mix.  As people walk by the tent not planning to stop.......as soon as you mention the Vino Slush they do stop and come back for a sample.  Once they taste it they have a desire to buy.  In a couple of weeks I will be ordering multi boxes of the Vino Slush Mix.

Regarding the Vino Slush, I am sure it comes as no surprise to hear it has been a big hit!
I think it is the novelty that brings people in, but the taste is what sells it.  It is a delight to watch people's expressions when they sample it. They are pleasantly surprised at how refreshing and pleasant tasting it is.  Often they start planning when they will use it right on the spot.  One man texted wine-loving friends to give them information from our business card so they could contact us.
This is a fun as well as easy product to sell."
This is by far the best slushy I have ever tasted, but I not only add wine to the mix, but I also add peach schnapps with the wine. It is amazing together. Now I need to find out how I can place an order to get more slushy mix."
"Hi Jim,
Would you please send us 2 more cases of the Vino Slush mix packages?  The stuff moves off the shelves, doesn't it?  
Please send to our usual address.

Thanks very much."

A few months ago I ordered 2 packs of the wine slushy mix. I just used it this weekend and I am in love!!!

I am interested in the 30 lb box for my personal use! Can you let me know the cost and the cost of shipping?

Thank you!"


"This is so good!!!  I purchase from Stillpond Vineyard/Winery in Arlington, Ga. and I have passed along the info to friends and family.  I am in the process of sending a package to a dear, dear friend in California.  Hoping she will love it as much as I do.  Thanks for a great product!"

Gayle Mann 
"I agree with your other vendors about Vino Slush selling as well for the winter months!  As soon as I get over Christmas, I'll place another order for Vino Slush!
Thanks and have a fabulous holiday!"
Mary Rose


"Jeez! We got throttled today. Went through a case of your mix. We'll run out tomorrow for sure.

Can we get two more cases of pouches on the way?"




"Good morning, Jim
Would you please ship us out another 3 cases of the Vino Slush mix?  As you can imagine, we're going through it like crazy and I'm afraid we're going to run out again.  I should have ordered it last week but wasn't thinking about how much we went through over the weekend.
Please use our same credit card info and ship to the winery address like last time. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.
Thanks very much,"






People tell us every day that our slushies are the best around. That’s why I recommended you to my cousin Maria at Virginia Beach Winery … and soon, her sister Bonnie will be opening Dominion Press Winery in Alexandria, VA. She will be ordering from you too. 

And you may not believe this, but I only have 2 of the bulk packs remaining from my last order, and wrote on my to-do list for next week to order more! Great minds think alike. So, I might as well order right now. Can we get 10 packs of the bulk mixes?"

Angela - Winery Owner


 "Hey Jim, this is Rachel from Maraella again. I was hoping to go ahead and re-order our usual bulk slush mix, please. We’ve been selling the pouches like crazy lately, they’re the best gifts for the holidays!"



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