Vino Slush, a product of Jim Miller Gourmet, is a frozen wine and cocktail slush mix that you use with any kind of wine or liquor. Just mix it, freeze it and serve. Or you can use a blender for faster results.




A refreshing new way to drink wine or cocktails!
Vino Slush frozen wine slushie and cocktail mix.

It's the slushie for adults!


     Vino Slush  





Vino Slush  
 Wine Slush Mix  





Vino Slush is known by many names - wine slush, wine slushy, wine slushies, frozen wine, frozen wine slush, frozen wine drink, wine coolers and many others, but we just call it Vino Slush. You can make our delicious frozen wine slush drink with any kind of wine. Reds, whites, dry or sweet, even champagne. Vino Slush takes on the profile of whatever wine you use.

Recently posted on FaceBook by Vintner's Celler in Bismark, N.D.  "If you stop into the store, ask for a sample of the Vino Slush. This is a great new product that we have. Makes a wonderful drink. Supplies have been flying off the shelf!"

You can even use it for a  non-alcoholic slush drink. Try it with non-alcoholic wine, sparkling juices, ginger ale, grape juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, or pomegranite juice. Absolutely delicious and so refreshing on a hot day.  

"It has become a hit at our winery.  I keep some made up and give out free samples and the stuff just flies off the shelves.....I'm thinking this summer it will go even faster."



Sugar, Tea, Citric Acid,

Natural Flavoring, Beet Powder, less than 2% silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent)


NEWS FLASH!   The first two events at which we sold our Vino Slush wine slush mix, we sold out completely. We tracked our sampling results and it turned out that 70% of the people who tried our samples (using non-alcoholic wine for the samples due to liquor laws)  bought the product. 70%! That's unheard of.

Even people who don't like wine at all bought it. People just love wine slushies. It is so unique and so refreshing that folks just gotta have it once they taste it. We can't make this product fast enough. It's going through the roof! (Makes a great gift too.)

"Hi Jim,
What can I say? Your product is awesome! I mixed and froze my alcoholic slushy and I was in heaven! Thank you for the fast delivery last time, I'm giving the gift bag to my sister she had bought something similar to your product at an arts and craft festival.  So yes I am a returning customer and plan on being a long lasting one at that.  My birthday is next week, Friday and I want to make sure I have enough slush for everyone! 
Thanks again."




We also sell our wine slushie mix in 30 lbs. cases of Bulk. This is perfect for weddings, parties, and any special event.

Wineries order more bulk than the pre-packaged version so they can use it in their frozen drink machines to sell wine slushies, and for sampling. (You can also use a blender or freezer.)

You can also use the Bulk to measure out 12 ounces into a pouch with your own labels for a gourmet, private label wine slushie mix. (We'll sell you our pouches separately too.) Saves you a ton of money too!





Make many of your favorite cocktails using our Vino Slush such as Tropical Rum Punch, Bourbon Slush, Strawberry Margarita, Peach Bellini, Lemon Vodka, Vodka Cranberry, Screwdriver, Cosmo and more. To see these recipes, CLICK HERE








Enjoy the fragrance of aromatic spices and citrus. A delicious drink with wine, cider, tea or juice. Add the spices into a disposable tea bag that's in the package, close the drawstrings of the tea bag and simmer in your favorite drink. Oh, sooo delicious! AND IT'S SUGAR FREE!




   Looking for a great business opportunity with hardly any competition?

Wine slushies are here to stay!

Our Vino Slush is available for you to sell at special events such as festivals, farmer's markets, craft shows, home parties, and more. Free samples do all the selling for you.

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