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To Go Slushies are

    absolutely BOOMING now!!!!

(In the picture above, just forget the straws and fruit and screw on the lids. Don't fill the jars all the way to the top. Leave room for some expansion so the jars don't crack.)

"Even though we're closed we're still selling that slushy mix like crazy!!! Can we have four more bulk boxes of slushy powder and a total of 200 empty red pouches?




"We sold 950 twelve oz. servings of slushies this weekend!!!!!!!  Can you please send 4 bulk boxes of slushy mix?



Years ago in 2010 when I started selling my Vino Slush wine slushie mix I told my winery customers that my ingredients were formulated in such a way as to allow them to make FROZEN wine slushies "to go" - without having them melt before the customer gets them home. Just like with ice cream, your customer could take them home and put them in their freezer for future use.

I explained that instead of a customer only drinking your wine slushies at your winery, they can now also enjoy them at home any time they like. This means that instead of a customer buying only one slushie (or maybe two) to drink on site, they might also now buy another half dozen more to take home.

You simply pour the slushie from your frozen drink machine or a blender into a disposable cup or container with a lid and stick it in your freezer. (You could also stick a label on the container with your logo, name, flavor and other info.) Then when your customer orders a slushie to go, you hand them a frozen one out of your freezer.

The frozen version will still be at least partially frozen by the time your customer gets home. (Just as with ice cream.) When you first take it out of the freezer it probably will need to thaw a bit anyway before you can eat it with a spoon or "slush" it around with a spoon until it's the consistency of a regular slushie.



When the Coronavirus came upon us, wineries were forced to shut down except for take out and home delivery. I knew that my winery customers needed as much sales as possible to survive during this difficult time, so I sent out an email to all of them alerting them about this option. (Obviously, you can sell to go slushies year round during normal operations too.)

Shortly after sending out the email I heard back from one of my wonderful customers:


The freezer idea was brilliant!  We've been doing a ton of those right now.  We're doing delivery on them.



I followed up with Mark to get some additional details 

-  He is using 12 oz. cups with the lids from GFS. He puts a sticker over the straw hole to "seal" it from leaking.

(There are many other kinds of cups and containers with lids on the Internet. Ice cream cups - pint size maybe - with lids are more insulated and therefore would take longer to thaw, plus, since they are made of paper instead of plastic, labels or stickers would stick to them much better.)

-  He does not brand the cups or lids with logo labels although it's easy to do so.

-  He charges $6.00 each, the same price as he charges for regular slushies served on site.

-  If they are completely frozen they take about 20 minutes to start to thaw.

-  He's selling a LOT OF THEM. They are a huge hit for him at his winery. 





The pictures above shows a little different approach from another of my customers. He sells a large version of his frozen slushie - a 32 oz. jar which is equal to four of his in house regular 8 oz. slushies. He sells them for $18.00 each, which means the customer gets four slushies for the price of three. One FREE slushie!

He buys the jars and lids from Uline. He buys 126 containers for $200.00 (food grade) and received them within 24 hours. He even shrink wraps around the outside of the lid to prevent leakage.




Here's another good idea from one of my customers. 


They sell their mug with their logo on it that also has a screw on lid. The transparency of the clear glass highlights the color of the slushie and makes it look fabulous. The screw on lid prevents any leakage and the logo makes for a very classy presentation.They sell the mug for $2.00 and the drink for $6.00. Customers bring back the mug and have it refilled over and over again. Free ongoing marketing - a great idea!




This customer sells a 15 ounce slushie for $9.00. This larger size of 15 ounces allows you to make an even larger profit per serving. 




      And here's another great idea below from the same customer. 

                KIDDIE SLUSHIES  also 15 oz.






The picture below shows a fantastic way to market your To Go Slushies. Tight fitting lids, colorful and allows the pretty colors to show through. And the logo puts this in a class by itself.






Here's another idea that might strike your fancy!






Here's a new idea from another customer. My customers are very creative.




Yes, they actually serve a full half gallon wine slushie served in a milk jug for $25.00! The owner orders the empty jugs from a dairy supply source. Another variation of this would be to use transparent jugs (kind of a frosty coloring) that would allow the colors of the slushies to show through.



Here's another take on the half gallon version from one of my customers. They sell this half gallon slushie for $42.00!



And although the item below is not a To Go Slushie, it is a great idea for take out / pick up service.







Also consider this: If you stock a variety of frozen slushies in your freezer you no longer have to rely solely on your frozen drink machine to offer samples for a variety of different slushie flavors. You can do your sampling and drinks from your frozen drink machine as usual to push whatever two wines you want to promote that day, and then you can also offer samples of all of your other flavors from your frozen slushie stock.

The more you sample, the more you will sell. it's also a great way to introduce your customers to the frozen "to go" version of your slushies! Try a "buy 3 and get 1 FREE" promotion. The more flavors you have in stock the more flavors you will sell.

Make sure sure you promote your frozen wine slushies TO GO on your website, Facebook page, emails and customer lists.


PLEASE NOTE:  Not all slush mixes are the same. My Vino Slush wine slush mix has a formula that works as a frozen wine slushie as well as a regular wine slushie. For best results, set your frozen drink machine on its coldest setting.


If you want to deliver frozen slushies (along with your wines) to your customers you can transport them in an ordinary ice chest using reusable freezer packs. This way they will only thaw very little by the time you get to your customer's house.


FROZEN WINE SLUSHIES TO GO: Using my Vino Slush can become a huge hit for your winery also. They are a year round concept that is easy to implement and and can add thousands of dollars to your gross sales year after year. I am happy to have been a pioneer for wine slushies many years ago. No one had ever heard of them when I started selling my Vino Slush wine slush mix in 2010. Now, I'm paving the way for the next big trend with wine slushies - a take home product made from your own wines in a variety of flavors that is easy to up-sell. 

It's popular. It's profitable. It's a WINNER! Try it.

And by the way, don't forget during cold weather you can also sell HOT MULLED WINE TO GO using our WINE MULLING SPICES. It works with any kind of wine also!

Thank you to my customers for the pictures shown above and their stories. Continued success to you, my friends!


Jim Miller